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Structural Engineers in Buffalo, NY & Niagara Falls, NY

Electronic Computation

Our team utilizes several state-of-the-art structural engineering programs to successfully carry out your project and to detect structural failures. We will quickly identify these failures and uncover an efficient solution to the problems you’re experiencing with your structure. 

Our packages include: Risa-2D, a two-dimensional analysis and steel design program with full seismic modeling capabilities; SAI Power Structure for analysis and design of steel, concrete, and timber structures; and Risa 3D, a three-dimensional modeling tool used for the lateral analysis of buildings and Structures.

We also utilize standard Microsoft Office in addition to these specialized software packages. 
Quality Assurance & Control

We have more than 50 years of combined experience in the engineering and consulting industry, so we know the importance of quality control. Quality control must be an uninterrupted process that begins at the project’s inception. The process should be carried throughout to completion. Our program is designed to include high-grade structural engineering and the delivery of documents and services that meet the needs of the client. 

We strive to continuously improve our staff at PSCE in order to remain on the cutting edge of the industry. Our staff members participate in more than forty hours of continuing education in their discipline per year. We believe that continuing education is the key to continuous improvement and quality assurance.
Tools we implement to assure quality include:

• Preparation of a project plan at project onset
• Computer based and tested Master Specifications
• The use of CAD in preparation of construction documents
• Licensed professional lead project team

Quality assurance reviews are completed at designated project milestones through coordination meetings with the client and internal reviews performed by the Project Director. The internal reviews include all aspects of the project, such as engineering calculations, drawings, schedule, and cost.
Computer-Aided Drafting

Our skilled technical staff is supported by computer aided drafting, or CAD tools. We currently use the latest AutoCAD Version for drafting drawings that are printed through large format plotter. AutoCAD supports Drawing Exchange (format .dxf) and International Graphic Exchange Systems (IGES) for input and output files. We can make these files compatible with most graphic systems, such as NYSDOT’s and INTERGGRAPH. 
structural engineer Buffalo, NY


• Specialty Engineering & Consulting Services
• Cracked Foundation Diagnosis
• Structural Failure Diagnosis
• Forensic Engineering
structural engineer Buffalo, NY


Our engineering consultants offer professional service that will provide you with independent expertise for a number of different fields, including engineering, science, government institutions, developers, and construction firms. We incorporate information from all relevant fields so that you can proceed with the proper course of action. In addition, we can consult with you to determine your goals, and we can formulate an appropriate plan that will effectively complete your project. 
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Our field technicians have been trained to recognize various crack patterns and foundational weaknesses. In addition to inspecting the foundation and marks in person, we will also gather background information about the building to get a better sense of its history. We will ask a series of questions about site conditions, building history, and other evidence of building movement. 
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Structural integrity is what we aim for when we perform service. If a structure is not up to code with the proper precautions in place, you run the risk of breaks, collapses, and tears. When we come to your site to diagnose structure failure, we’ll check that the building can hold up to its designed function. If we find that the structure is not stable, we’ll immediately start to assess the situation.
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A Forensic engineer involves investigating materials, products, structures, or components that fail or do not operate properly. They may cause personal injury or property damage, and the consequences of these structural failures are dealt with using the law of product liability. 
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